Looking for trade help (rb for wr)

Wr core is not strong, not a true wr1 and tilting on the season

Half ppr

My team
Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, David Johnson, James Robinson

Woods, Hollywood, Corey Davis, gage, Marvin Jones, shenault

Jacobs, Jonathon Taylor, chase Edmunds, Dobbins

Lockett, golladay, deebo, Slayton, Tim Patrick, Mike Williams, Sammy Watkins

Not a huge fan of dropping to 3 rbs, but you see any deals you would want to make?

bumping this, waivers has some guys out there that could help fill roles, but not sure ill be able to get with us doing the reverse order waivers, depending on final outcome of tonights game.

Fulgham, Tee Higgins, Adam Humprhies, James Washington, AJ Gren, Pascal, and Josh Reynolds.

might wait to see how waivers hit wednesday and go from there.