Looking for two replacement owners for a $100 SF, TE Premium dynasty football league

Hello Footclan!

I am looking for replacement owners for two orphan teams in a $100 Superflex, TE Premium dynasty football league. We have a great group already and we’re looking for experienced, active dynasty players to take over these teams. Team 1 will need to pay their 2021 and 2022 dues upon joining. Team 2 is paid for in 2021 but will need to pay 2022 dues upon joining.

Interested? Please DM me with your email address and any questions that you may have, and I will send you a league application and the full rulebook. Thanks!

Team 1 highlights:

*The 1.01, 2.01, 3.01, 4.01, 5.01 in the 2021 Rookie Draft







*Marquise Brown

*Chris Carson

*Jimmy G

Team 2 highlights:

*The 2.02, 2.04, 2.06, 3.04, 3.06, 4.05



*Tee Higgins


*Marvin Jones








A quick overview of the league:

· League Annual Fee: $100. Must pay for two years up front ($200 total)

· LeagueSafe with majority approval

· Jackpot league; back-to-back winner wins the jackpot (NOT an empire league, rosters do NOT reset)

· 12 teams playing a 13-week regular season with 3 weeks of playoffs

· 28 roster spots with five taxi spots and three injured reserve spots

· 11 starters – 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 4 Flex, 1 Superflex

· PPR scoring system with 6 point QB scoring

· TE Premium - 1.5 PPR

· Regular season games include both “Head-to-Head” and “vs. League Median” matchups

· Week 12 Trade Deadline

· Winners - Playoffs for prize money

· 6 team playoffs during weeks 14-16, playoff seeds determined by overall record

· Week 14: Top 2 seeds by overall record get a bye, bottom 4 seeds compete in Head-to-Head round and winners advance to week 15.

· Week 15: Final 4 compete in Head-to-Head round. Winners advance to Championship Game, losers play for third place.

· Week 16: Championship and third place games

· Losers - Toilet Bowl (Battle to avoid last place; does not determine draft order.)

· Draft order determined by potential points for picks 1-6, picks 7-12 determined by playoff finish.

· Season FAAB budget of $100 is given on league start.

· Offseason FAAB budget of $100 is given following Super Bowl Sunday.

· Rosters expand to 33 roster spots in the offseason

· League hosted on Sleeper

Here’s what I’m looking for in potential owners:

· Knowledgeable and up to date on all things NFL

· Previous dynasty experience

· Active in chat, trades, waivers, etc.

· DFS experience (encouraged but not required)

· Mature adults only. Racism, sexism, bullying, and general douchebaggery will not be tolerated