Looking for up to 3 Dynasty or redraft league/ AZ money FF legal?

I would love to join some active dynasty or redrafts, Im extremely active. I’ve been playing FF since 2016 with friends but decided they are too casual.

I live in Arizona and I know it’s one of the few states that make money payouts illegal but there has to be a workaround right? excuse my ignorance but even the fantasy footballers live in Arizona and I know they must be in some money leagues? My usual protocol is to pool my entry fee to the commissioner via paypal or venmo who is normally family or friend but obviously thats much more dangerous with strangers on the internet. I would love some advice from other fellow AZ players on here on how they go about doing this.

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I open a redraft for free if you are interested man

I am in the same boat…live in AZ and wanting to join a league, but not sure how to go about it. I play in family leagues but those are ran through paypal and personal checks.

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I have a 16 team IDP $50 pay in. Multiple pay outs. It is the real deal and we are across the nation