Looking for upgrade at WR. Who do I target? Non-PPR

So I pulled off a trade that left me pretty deep at RB. Now is the time to turn one of these guys for a WR. Considering the three I started all had great weeks, which RB do I flip and what WR should I target?

I would try and flip Gallman, the other two are the RB1s for their respective teams and Gallman will go back to being the backup once Saquon comes back. As for who to go for I’d look for someone who’s weak at RB and see how much you could get. You probably won’t get much due to the fact that he will only be the starter for another 5 weeks or so but I’d keep the other two

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill? Gallman for Hill?

There’s no way you’ll be able to get Tyreek Hill for Gallman straight up

Dude is 1-3 and his RB are severely under performing. He is pretty solid at WR (Amari Cooper, Juju, Jeffery). He may not survive til the playoffs if he doesn’t make some moves.

Shooters gotta shoot! Lol

He may try to make moves but he won’t make stupid ones.

I’d be getting out of the Fournette business, he’s never going to make it through the full season healthy…he’s proven that every year! I’d cash in on the high note and if he magically makes the the entire year, we’ll I’d have to live with that and would be willing to accept it.