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Looking for upgrade at WR


I am in a 10 team .5 ppr league. I am looking to get a WR in exchange for Jordy Nelson and one of my bench running backs (Kamara, Coleman, Mixon and Allen). Who is a good target?


I’m thinking good targets are Fuller, Baldwin, Amari, Thielen, Juju.

Maybe even Dez or Crabtree.


All of those options are good, but I might shoot for Michael Thomas. He has not produced this season so far due to a long list of reasons out of his control, but most of them are now gone thanks to IngramMicro’s fumbling and Snead’s return.

Maybe a Jordy Mixon combo. Just don’t trade away Kamara.


@Guinness, not only a tasty beverage but a purveyor of awesome FF advice!


Thanks! I was thinking Thomas as well - just wasn’t sure what was reasonable to offer for him. I will give that a shot.


@reid_saito Why thank you kind sir.

@BT16 you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.