Looking to acquire a Qb

I’ve lost Watson and Winston due to injury so the last couple of weeks I’ve been using streaming options at the qb position.

Who would you look to acquire through trade to have rest of year.

The guys I’ve narrowed down to target are Rivers, Stafford, Goff, Matt Ryan, and Cam.

I’m 7-4 and in first place in a 10 team standard league. Thanks for the help guys!

I think it would be between Cam and Stafford. Consistency wise I think those are your best bets and I think you can get them fairly cheap.

seems like stafford starting to be consistent, BUT if it were me AND it was two QB league…

I would look for two best AND check out their matchups.

One would be GOFF and seems like RYAN is just a rock now. So you could play Goff against all weaker teams and he would crush it AND Ryan is going to give you your solid baseline

It’s just one Qb. I have deals in place for Rivers, Ryan, and Stafford. I believe I have one in place for Cam as well but would require a bit more to get him.