Looking to acquire Lamar

I lost stafford as my starting qb and am looking for a solid qb option for playofffs. I am already locked in so the next two weeks dont really matter other than seeding. Guy in my league knows i want lamar and for some reason everyone in this league holds 2 or 3 qbs.

He is looking for me to give up Devante Adams and Chris Godwin for Odell, Bell and Lamar (he is stacked at rb). i take this deal right? the other wr i have are john brown, tyreek, curtis sam, and josh gordon.

My brain hurts

half ppr is the scoring format

I think id lean towards taking it but if you could get him for adams straight up i think id rather try and keep one of those WR1 but youd end up having to drop someone and it would depend on if you need bell or anything like that

yeah my rbs are chubb, hunt, singleterry, mack and devonte freeman so hurting a little

yeah I would definitely take this deal. Get the QB1, a solid rb1/2 and Odell has been getting a lot more targets lately. I think I take this deal helps your RB and QB situation while downgrading a bit a WR

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I dont think its a slam dunk but id be taking it having lamar is really nice and bells end of season schedule is really nice so as much as it sucks to give two WR1 up you get enough in return that id take it

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would you rather have obj or diggs…i guess he is okay with giving up either

I think I would rather have OBJ