Looking to create a 10 team dynasty with committed owners

I am interested in creating a dynasty league with others who will be in it for the long haul,

The site I am making the league on is called fleaflicker, respond with your email if you’re interested!

I am interested email is selchow3@hotmail.com

awesome, I’ll be sending out the invites shortly


I’m in, very active owner. How much? Scottjrivers@yahoo.com

The website I created the league on does not have an option for money leagues so its free.


I’d be interested

im interested justinmorris.1234@yahoo.com

Super interested icolemanscott@gmail.com

interested!! mcbudge@yahoo.com

Interested! rutz.adam.95@gmail.com

Interested, bockhop01@gmail.com

I’m also interested if there is still a spot left. Very active and looking to join an active group

Email: mrxryan@gmail.com

Dustinbuff@att.net if you still have space available

If you still need people, todds5524@gmail.com

Thank you to all those who are interested but the league is currently full