Looking to fill $75 buy in 12 man redraft

Hey ballers,

Looking to fill in 4-5 spots in a sleeper redraft league of all FFB listeners.

$75 buy in
Leaguesafe payouts
No kickers
Standard .5 ppr format

Message me to get in!

Sleeper link here:

I am interested.


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Awesome! Go ahead and use the link for the league in this thread and you’ll be in

Hey! Is this a normal flex or super flex? I am only interested in standard, I am in way to many super flex leagues haha

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It’s a regular .5 ppr, no superflex. Standard format without kickers

Interested but didn’t want to just join. can you message me in sleeper? Interested in draft day/time as well but certainly interested.

ffantasygmr in sleeper

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I am still interested, could you message me in sleeper? Good_Guy_Ty

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I would be interested. Sleeper id venganza

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Interested if you still have spots -