Looking to fill Dynasty league!

Hey folks!

I’m looking to fill a start-up 12 team PPR dynasty league on Sleeper! First year is free to get the league going with possibilty of money league in the future!

Sleeper username is: TylerTheRadarTechnician

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I’m in challenger1428

I messaged you on sleeper but would be interested. Sleeper: zachmud

I’ll join your league! My Sleeper ID is Khayman

I am in if you still need people

Username - Giants86

I’m in if needed sleeper I’d is zac2346

I’d be interested. My sleeper name is Korruptted.

I’m game mashman4077

If you guys are still looking to join a 12 team PPR dynasty start up on Sleep I have a league in trying to start with a $20 buy in. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll invite you!


I’m in if you still need people! Hussbuss16

If you still have a spot available, I’ll hop in if I can’t get into this one. Hussbuss16

@cameronprod I’m in if there’s still room!

Interested: 2018gdeyoung