Looking to fill two $20 SuperFlex Redraft Leagues (one 0.5, one Tiered PPR)


Hey guys, I’m going to be running two $20 buy-in redraft leagues on Sleeper this year. Both drafts will be slow drafts starting in mid/late August.

The SuperFlex Machine:
12 team, 0.5PPR, SuperFlex, 4 divisions
Bylaws: https://bit.ly/2M96XhY

Blood, Sweat & Tiers:
14 team, Tiered PPR, TE Premium, SuperFlex, no divisions
Bylaws: https://bit.ly/2M9cqoQ

Tiered PPR is a new system where players earn a different amount of PPR points based on the distance of the reception. TE Premium means TE receptions earn an additional 0.5 points on top of the tiered amount.

0-4 yd Reception: 0 points
5-9 yd Reception: 0.25 points
10-19 yd Reception: 0.5 points
20-29 yd Reception: 0.75 points
30+ yd Reception: 1 point
All TE Receptions get an extra 0.5 points

Please read over the bylaws and if you have any interest in joining either or both of these leagues, send me a message on Sleeper (Username: GNeeleyFF) and I will invite you from there. Thanks!