Looking to get Gurley

A player in our league has lost David Johnson, Aaron Rodgers and Emanuel Sanders. Playing on his potential desperation I’m targeting Todd Gurley for a trade.

My team: 12 team standard
Russell Wilson
Julio Jones
Michael Thomas
Adam Thielen
LeVeon Bell
Jerick McKinnon
Austin Sefarian Jenkins

Mike Gillislee
Darren McFadden
Devin Funchess
DeVante Parker
Jordan Reed

Would I be giving too much up if I offered Mike Gillislee, Darren McFadden and Jordan Reed for Gurley? Or Mike Gillislee, Jordan Reed and Devin Funchess for Gurley?

I know Gurley’s schedule gets harder, but I’d like a better RB3 (which would be McKinnon if I got Gurley)

Thanks for any advice

I don’t know if I would give up three spots for Gurley unless your waiver pickups look decent to fill the spots. Reed and Gilly should be enough for Gurley with a tough schedule.