Looking to improve WR position

Half PPR
Keep Baldwin or try to package for AJ Green? Which would you prefer rest of season and playoff schedule?

Depending on who else you have to give up. I had Baldwin the last two years, and he both years he came on towards the end of the year. Actually help me win my league last year. Russel Wilson and Baldwin are both SERIOUS competitors. I think they take it to the next level when it gets towards the end of the year. And Seattle is now pretty pass happy. All that to say, I would love having Baldwin on my team. But AJ Green is probably a surer bet. If you had someone who you could give up without hurting your team at all, I’d go with the trade. But, if it’s a downgrade to give up that second player, I would stick with Baldwin.

Have/had Zeke and just traded Brandin Cooks for McCoy. im looking to grab Will Fuller but was just curious if having Green over Baldwin would benefit me. im sitting with Baldwin, Shepard, Doctson and Marquis Lee… 14 man league so WRs are scarse

I think Green has the tougher schedule rest of season. Fairly equivalent schedules for the playoffs. But if a coin flip from my perspective. Maybe go with your hunch, and see where that goes.

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