Looking to inherit a keeper or dynasty league, ESPN preferred

Hello footclan,

My name is Erich, and I’m a fantasy addict. I’ve been playing for years and am always competitive and active. I have experience with keeper leagues, so I’m cool with joining another or extending to the dynasty realm. If anyone has a spot open on a keeper or dynasty startup, awesome, but I am also open to inheriting an existing roster that was abandoned.

I prefer to use ESPN or sleeperbot, but am open to another platform as long as there is a functional phone app. I’m open to whatever scoring settings, roster construction, and other rules/settings: I’m always up for a challenge. I’d prefer a $20 league or less, but am willing to go up to 50 if the league sounds intriguing enough.

Let me know what y’all got. I started a keeper league with some friends last year, but it’s not competitive enough for my fantasy addiction.

Email me at erichallasin2006@yahoo.com