Looking to join 12 team fantasy football league

Does anyone have any spots open for a serious 12 team league any format or buy in?

You’re welcome to join the 12 team tiered PPR keeper league I’m starting. We just need a few more to fill up.

Here’s the info:

Draft day/time: Sept 2 8:00pm CST

League Host App: Sleeper

Waivers: FAAB ($100)

Roster is:







1 K

6 Bench

1 IR

3 keepers

Reception tiers are:

0-4 yds = .25 pts

5-9 yds = .50 pts

10-19 yds = .75 pts

20-29 yds = 1.00 pt

30-39 = 1.25 pts

40+ yds = 1.50 pts

Entry Fee $25

If your entry fee is not received 48 hours prior to draft you will be replaced.

Prize Breakdown:

1st: $150

2nd: $75

3rd: $25

Weekly prize for highest score: $5

(I realize the prizes add up to more than the $300 prize pool. I will be supplying the additional $15 to the prize pool.)

3 divisions. 6 teams make it to playoffs, top 2 get a bye, bracket reseeding enabled.

If you are interested reply or email me at raylavko@yahoo.com.


FYI - even though it’s a first year league it’s made up of a number of members from another existing league I run, so it’ll be competitive.


Ballers league format. 1/2. Faab. No kickers. $10 buy in. This is the second year running. Most members are from these forums.

I am so in. Is Sunday the first set in stone though? I will be out of town with limited access to the internet until the following day

Hey, I sent you over an email. If you did not receive, you can email me at vazs250@gmail.com

I think so.

If you guys end up changing the date, I’m in