Looking to join a dynasty league 0510

Preferably startup but open to anything. Thanks!

Hey man, me and my buddies are starting up a dynasty league this weekend. We currently have 6 people, but I am trying to get the last 4 to be people from the footclan. Its a 1/2 PPR with 25 man rosters. Let me know if you’d like to join

Yeah for sure! Is there a buy in and if so how much?

I’m interested depending on the league fee

Yeah! The buy in is $15

The buy in is $15

What are the payouts?

$100 for 1st, $35 for 2nd, $15 for 3rd

$15 for 3rd, $35 for 2nd, $100 for 1st

Payment through LeagueSafe I assume? I’m down!

I’m down too! What platform?

We will use Sleeper!

We’ll use Sleeper

Yeah we will use LeagueSafe

Sweet, my Sleeper username is clbengel


I just sent you a friend request on sleeper? Can you accept it?