Looking to join a dynasty league for 2018

Hello - looking to join a dynasty league out there. very active owner. please reach out if your league has an opening. thanks.

Same here for next season, my main league has folded so looking for a new league and fancy trying a dynasty league.

@bcb161 @RayJayOkocha looks like im gonna have 2 open spots for my footclan keeper league. Youd be taking over for two owners. Realized you both said dynasty but let me know if this interests you at all. 12 team 0.5ppr as of right now. couple things will be voted on to improve for year 2

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Would also be interested in joining if the two guys before are unable to

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yeah i mean first come first serve haha. Wanna get the league full as soon as possible so that we can get the offseason rolling

I could ready up whenever, my work league just ended but it’s redraft so I
have been looking for keeper/dynasty options as well.

I’m extremely active and easy to get in touch with

check your dms

I’d be interested in a spot in your league. Can you let me know the details?

Count me in!!

id do one too if anyone is looking


Are you setting one up or looking to join one?

I am also interested in joining a dynasty league! I’m very active and competitive.

Interested in a dynasty league for 2018 … played my 1st season in a .5 PPR league and was fantasy champ so looking for an ongoing challenge to keep it interesting in the off season. Based in Australia.

I have set up a 12 team Dynasty league over on Fantrax.com, if you’re interested in joining, DM me

I’m interested in joining a current or new dynasty league, I’m active and competitive… holla if needed

Interested in your Dynasty league if you still have an opening.

Hey, I’m interested in joining if you still need a owner. Very keen to join Dynasty league.

Will DM you guys, still have openings.