Looking to join a dynasty league for 2021

Anyone have a spot open in a dynasty league?

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Do you have interest in Devy? I have an opening in my dynasty devy league. It’s a pretty light devy league as we are all learning. I know devy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are interested I’ll send more information. The roster is pretty good TBH.

It’s on Sleeper. The top level is SF / TE+ / Start 1QB, 1SF, and everything else is FLEX. It’s $20 with a $20 deposit for future pick / devy trading, so $40 for the first year then $20 every year after that.

Let me know if you are interested!

Find me at copo3 on sleeper if you haven’t filled that devy spot!! @octoberland highly highly interested.

As far as dynasty openings for OP, I’m aware of a couple orphans if you’d like to look at those!

I will send you the invite to check it out! Thank you for the interest :slight_smile: