Looking to join a dynasty league for this year and on

Really want to play in a competitive dynasty league so if you have anything let me know

Are you looking for a money league? I have one that has an orphan anda fifty dollar buy in. I’ll pay half your first year but the team is kind of ugly.

Yes looking for a money league I’ll take that orphan on… but what’s the roster look like and what site is it on?

My sleeper name is prich93 if the league is on there

Invite sent

Not sure if you are still looking, but this is shaping up to be a very competitive league with a high buy in but high payouts with Bonus payout (win two times in a row for a bonus pot)

We are less than two months away and it is time to start gearing up for Dynasty Start-Up season.

We need five more owners to fill out this 12-owner league and we are itching to get underway.

The first two years will have to be paid before we begin drafting. We hope to draft veterans on March 12th and then rookies about a week or two after the NFL draft.

I have a lot of experience commissioning fantasy football leagues. 115 leagues over 14 years

Payout structure


  • Most points scored during our fantasy regular season = $200
  • $200 will go into the BONUS POT - which will be awarded to a team who wins the championship 2 consecutive years. This will grow year after year until it is won. Then it will start again.



No Kickers - No DST

Scoring is custom but is very close to standard scoring:

Full PPR
1pt per 20yd passing
6pt for passing TD
1pt per 8yd rushing and receiving

Draft pick trading will be allowed

If you are interested please join at this link



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Check out my post here. Let me know if interested.