Looking to join a free Redraft league

Hey foot clan! For some reason it won’t let me post this in the foot clan league forum. I prefer 12 team, some form of PPR, snake draft, but am open to other types of leagues

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Same here. I’ll keep a tab on this in case I can join whatever opens up. Serious about fantasy, just not in it for money. :call_me_hand:

I would also be interested.

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I would be interested as well

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Looks like we’ve got a decent start of a league here. Would you guys be cool with Ballers scoring with snake draft or are there other preferences? Also what host site would be preferred? Sleeper?

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That all sounds good with me!

Count me in. Sleeper name is cdoconnor

“This club is formed.” -Mitch Hedberg
I guess I’ll commish unless someone collects us.

FAAB? Daily/Weekly waivers?

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Sleeper: Kimharo

With the virus, I’m voting for daily waivers, no FAAB.

My sleeper name is Smook