Looking to join a fun league

Looking to join a fun no or low cost league. Redraft or dynasty startup or orphaned team. Long time friend league is dissolving so I’m looking to fill that gap.

We have one spot open on a ten team espn league (half point ppr, no cost). We draft August 31 at 8 pm. We are a league made up of family, friends and some friends that we have met over the years of fantasy. A fun, but competitive league. Let me know if you’re interested.


That sounds perfect! I haven’t used the espn app but that won’t be a problem. I’ll download it after work today. I’m highly active throughout the season and usually pretty competitive in my friend league. Is that 8pm eastern time?


That’s great! Good to have you join us! And yes the draft time is EST. I just need to get your email address and I’ll send you an invite. I’ll send you a private message on here to connect with you!


I have a full point startup keeper league. Superflex with no kickers if you’re interested! $20 buy in.