Looking to join a league. Dynasty or Redraft

Hello, I am looking to join a new league. Im fully committed and prefer .5 ppr but ppr league is also fine. I can go up to 100 dollar entry and dont mind joining multiple leagues.

@Wreyes94. I have a Startup Dynasty on Sleeper with money handled through League Safe. 1st year is a little more as it is $150, but then each additional year is $100. First year $100 goes to 2020, and $50 goes towards 2021, then each year the $100 splits $50 for current season and $50 for next. This is to help bring the same players back, or ease the pain of finding new players. If at all interested, check it out and let me know.


Number of Teams - 12

Draft - Intial Draft will be full rookie/veteran draft and random order once league is full. Ensuing drafts will be as follows - Regular Season 12th-7th place finishes will draft 1st-6th accordingly with 12th draft 1st, 11th drafting 2nd, etc. Then the 6 play off teams will draft 7th -12th based on finish with 6th place drafting 7th, through 1st place drafting 12th.

Roster - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 FLEX (W/R/T/Q), 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB, 1 FLEX (IDP), 17 BN

Playoffs - 6 teams, starts week 14 - Re-seeding

Waiver Type -FAAB (Bidding) - $1,000

Clear Waivers - Monday - Waivers will clear after Monday

Waiver Time - 1 Day - Players stay on the waivers for 1 day

Custom Daily Waivers:
Monday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Tuesday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Wednesday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Thursday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Friday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Saturday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Sunday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)

Trade Deadline - Week 10 - Trades are not allowed after week 10 - Will be allowed again after the playoffs are done. All trades will process immediately unless pure collusion is involved. Trades can occur between 2, 3, or 4 teams as allowed on the Sleeper Platform.

Injured Reserve Slots - 6

Draft Pick Trading Allowed - Yes


Total Paid in for League = $1,800
$50 each towards following Season = $600(Non refundable if opting out of the league to help ease the process of finding a replacement)
Yearly Prize Pool = $1,200
Weekly High Score - $25/week = $325 total
Regular Season Best Record = $50
Regular Season Most Points =$50
1st Place = $425
2nd Place = $225
3rd Place = $125

Each of the following seasons will be $100 buy-ins with $50 towards that season, and $50 towards the following season - Payouts will remain the same.

Yahoo Fantasy League / PPR / League Safe

I’m starting a redraft league. We are looking for 7 people that love fantasy football as much as we do. Im trying to find serious fantasy football players out there who are willing to commit week after week. Participate in waivers, trades and of course some trash talk! Serious but fun! We love to see trades, so draft pick trading is absolutely allowed.

2 Keepers and Draft Pick Trading!!

10 Teams, 1 Division.
Draft is September 2nd 2020 at 9pm EST (This may change).

Continuous Rolling Waiver system: so you do not have to worry about us nerds getting to someone first

$50 dollar buy-in. Utilizing League Safe for Payouts.

Send me a message if this league fits you, with your email for Yahoo Fantasy!

Is this a Superflex by chance? Thanks!

Mine is not. I will never do another superflex again. I do not like them unfortunately.

Roger that! I’ll keep an eye on the thread as I am interested. Appreciate the reply.

I’m interested if any sports are still available! andrewgeiger9@gmail.com

Apgeiger which league were you talking about?

I am interested tjhosanna@gmail.com

The redraft league

I’m looking for a dedicated player for our fantasy league(redraft)

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
! Dst
1 K
8 Bench

yahoo fantasy league 10 team 0.5 ppr
$100 buy in
$900 1st place
$100 2nd place
Draft September 8th 730est…

You can text me 803-269-4312 Melvin or email me melvin.smith05@yahoo.com for more information