Looking to join a new dynasty league :)

Hey there footclan. 1 year dynasty player looking for a new or possibly take over a team

Good morning Eddie.

My name is Brian and I have been playing fantasy football for 10+ years and of that time, I am entering year 4 of dynasty. This will be the 7th dynasty league that I am the commissioner of. I am from Sacramento CA and a new footclan member.

Take a look at this upcoming league that I am slowly filling spots as I am currently finishing up a similar startup. The host site being used, is MFL and all money transactions will go through Leaguesafe.

First thing, why is it called double dipping? This league will have two copies of each NFL player and incoming rookies. Each player can be owned by two separate teams, either in your division or in the opposite conference (two copies of each player can NOT be owned by the same owner). The league will have 20 different owners/teams. 2 conferences of 10 teams- 4 divisions of 5 teams in each division.

Here are some highlighted scoring features: PPR, PPC (point per carry), PP1D (point per first down), 2QB, 2-TE Premium.

Fee: $50 yearly, top 4 teams get paid.

Roster info: 30 man rosters, 5 IR (only allowed the Sunday prior to week one through end of week 17) and a 5 man taxi squad (one catch, NO taxi squad year one). Start 12 players- 2 QB, 2-5 RB, 3-6 WR, 2-3 TE and we do NOT use K, DST or IDP.
The draft will be determined by majority wins league vote, the poll will be like this:

  1. Draft after nfl draft
  2. Draft startup immediately with rookies not yet drafted and draft Rookies in the startup
  3. Draft startup immediately but draft rookie draft placeholders
  4. Draft startup immediately and then draft rookies after NFL draft in reverse order of startup draft.
    The draft order will be determined by http://www.draftordergenerator.com and emailed out to everyone directly from that site. The draft will be 30 round snake style.


Let me know if you’re interested or have any further questions.

Brian T

Come on over Eddie


I’m starting a dynasty league with no buy in. Most of us are new to dynasty. We have a few spots left if you’re intersted

Just started a league, looking for footclan members…come check it out and join if interested.