Looking to join an active dynasty league

Long time and very competitive fantasy player here. I’m wondering if anyone has any spots in a competitive dynasty league, I’ve always wanted to do one but all my friends and league mates aren’t interested in making one. If anyone needs an active owner hit me up.


Hey, I am starting up a new unique Dynasty League in a few weeks and still need a few owners.

48 teams. $30 buy in.
Linked below is a video explaining the details, with the Bylaws below that. Sign up in the video description.


48 teams :neutral_face:…?

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-48 owners/countries divided into 6 divisions with multiple player copies.
-First three years will run like regular dynasty leagues with the fourth operating with the same format as the World Cup.

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So how exactly would this work then, is every division like a different league? Or is it all the players split between 48 teams… Also is it $30 every year? or just once everybody 4?

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Everything should be explained in the Bylaws that I linked above. But yes, its one big league, with six different divisions, but each division has their own player copy to allow 48 teams to be involved. $30 every year. $720 payouts in each first 3 years, and the 4th season will be a payout of $3600.

Are there still spots left because I’m very interested but not 100% yet.

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Plenty of spots still available! Let me know!


I have a more normal league starting up. Email me at acoles520@gmail.com


Ok will do