Looking to join Dynasty Start-up League

Hey #footclan-leagues , My best friend and I are looking to co-manage a dynasty team this year. This would be our first dynasty league, we are both vets of redraft format. Looking to join a dynasty start up. Any availabilities?

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We have two spots open, everyone knows someone. I’d love for you both to take a team. This is a league full of mostly first time dynasty players, and those who aren’t first time players have only played 1 year. 12 team, 0.5ppr. Superflex, no kicker. Single draft 1st year, rookie draft here on out. 50 buy in + 50 deposit for following year, all handled through LeagueSafe. Interested?

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I’d be interested in that last spot if it is still open. Sounds like I’m in the same boat as most everyone else, few years of playing redraft and wanting to get into a dynasty league now. Your buy-in and setup sounds good to me.

Yeah if this works with all of the above parties, we are in! Thank you!

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@salabaysteven09 update?

I’m interested if we play on Yahoo

Did you find a league? I’m looking for some players. $50/yr dynasty startup with first timers.

Looking for two spots in a dynasty on sleeper. Preferably separate rookie and vet drafts.

I have two spots for you. Rookie draft to follow vet draft. 1 QB PPR $50. Message me on sleep if interested - CharlesO

I can for sure take one of those spots!

Still looking, I’d be happy to join!

Great! Message me on sleeper - CharlesO

Still interested in another? Creating a startup with a bunch of people with 0-1 years of dynasty experience

No thanks - already in a league now.

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I appreciate the reply, best of luck!