Looking to join new Dynasty League (or create one if enough people respond)

Looking to join new Dynasty League (or create one if enough people respond)
looking for an active star-up league that plans on having active users… email me at lukefisher927@gmail.com if you need an extra member or want to start a league together.

Me too! Someone get me up in their league.

email jhaggerty1@gmail.com for information about a league I just joined.


Interested in joining a dynasty league.

Started one on sleeper with unique balanced settings posted about 20 min ago. Hmu for details or respond to that thread

email jhaggerty1@gmail.com for more details about a league I just joined.

20 Teams (15/20 spots filled)

1 Copy of Players

Heroes and Villains themed

2 Divisions
-Divisions are restructured every year. For more details please read the bylaws.

$100 Entry Fee (Leaguesafe will be used for payment)

21 Roster spots

Starting lineup

2 Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE)
1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

The max QBs allowed per team is 4.

Scoring is the same for all positions

4 points per passing touchdown
0.04 points per passing yard
-2 for interceptions
0.1 points per rushing yard
6 points per rushing touchdown
0.1 points per receiving yard
6 points per receiving touchdown
0.1 per rushing attempt
0.5 point per reception
-2 points for a fumble recovered by opposing team
6 pts for offensive fumble recovery for a TD
2 points for any 2 point conversion

Groupme required and MFL is the hosting site

Please comment with email for both or email me at jamesnewton0721@gmail.com