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Looking to join or create a dynasty league


I’m trying to find a dynasty league to join. Alternatively, I would be willing to start up a new one if enough people are interested.


You can join our waiting list with an email. That’s the best I can do at this point


I know 2 people who are in to start one.



hit me up if you start one! im interesting to join


I’ll join if you decide to start one. grimesr1993@gmail.com


I am looking to try out the new sleeperbot dynasty updates and have 3 people already. Hoping to have very active and competitive players. after league fills we can talk what we would play for? Money, ring, trophy? I like to have something to play for because I feel it makes everyone more active. If you or any of the other people are interested let me know your sleeperbot name and ill message you a invite. Or message me at FFDOOM on sleeperbot.


Hey Davis, can you get me in contact with those 2 people? We are getting close to having enough people to start this league up


Hey Stoni,

Yes we are looking to start one up. We almost have enough people now. Once we get the last couple of slots filled I will reach out to everyone and start talking about some league specific settings


Would love to join a Dynasty team or 2 this year. dc_fink13@hotmail.com. Please reach out with open spots


Would love to join as well if willing to add another!


I’ve been looking to join a dynasty league and I know a buddy would be interested too


I’m starting up one. I’ve got 3/12 spots filled so trying to get it filled up.


Interested in joining a dynasty or even a keeper league. Been in a few redraft leagues for awhile now, but would love to have a little more involvement during offseason. Any open spots out there, let me know!


What’s your email Harlow? I got one spot left


Well if no one else can I might be interested. Devanleger@hotmail.com. It would all depend on the money and bylaws


I’m interested if you’ve still got spots open. Hauswirth87@gmail.com. Thanks!


Still need people?


Sure do. What’s your email?




Sorry for the late reply guys. Who on he is still looking for a league? I want to solidify the teams by the end of the month and schedule a draft date