Looking to join some leagues! Any format. Thanks!

Excited for the season! I had a lot of fun in leagues I joined last year off of this forum and want to do it again.

I have room in a $20 redraft IDP league if younare interested

Is that through Leaguesafe? And is it ESPN or which site. Im curious if I will even be able to do any transactions online because Im in a state that doesn’t allow online gambling. :rage:

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You using ESPN or which platform?

im not running the league but im in it and we are using ESPN

I will be out of internet range tonight. I might have to pass so I don’t get stuck in autodraft situation. Thanks for the invite tho!

Yes we use Leaguesafe, not sure if that would work for you and we are moving from espn to yahoo because of the chat option

I’ve started a league called Puppet Master on NFL.com.

.5 PPR 10 Team. Password is pinocchio