Looking to Join Start Up Dynast League

Looking to join a start up dynasty league. committed and seasoned fantasy player. please let me know if there is anyone starting a new dynasty league and looking for committed player.

Any Luck? I’m also looking to join a startup dynasty league. If I start my own I’ll let you know bud

If y’all wanted I would be down to form a new league with Footclan members! I’d be down for either a 10 or 12 team. SF with TE prem or non-SF, open for either. Let me know what y’all think! I play on sleeper, and would love to have an active footclan league!

I’d like to join

@joeyspringer1 me and two friends are looking to join a money league if you are making one

Started a league on sleeper please add me to join Chubbz1990 10 team league money league, have four so far 6 spots open

@FNA if we get more people I’ll make one. @gerhig4 I wasn’t planning on making it a money league but looks like Justin above this comment is making a money league.

Still have 6 open slots in the startup dynasty league if anyone is interested. Sleeper App, friend request me @Chubbz1990 on sleeper and I’ll invite you have 4 so far including myself. Looking forward to a foot clan league !

I’d like to play.

Please find me on Sleeper @ Chubbz1990 and I’ll invite you to the league have 4 open spots available . It is a money league 30$ buy in x 2 for commitment for years to come . Anyone interested please friend request me for invite

I have 2 teams open on my 12 team dynasty league. $50 buy in

My name is Fontaine48 on sleeper of you habe any more openings

still have about 4 spots open in this start up dynasty. Buy in 30x2 for commitment . SF league

Please see my post if you are still looking. Thanks!


I’m starting up a superflex dynasty league. Buy-in will be $100. Let me know if interested I can get all the details

Is your $30 buy in dynasty league still have open spots? I’m very interested in that!

All filled , thanks everyone !