Looking to make power rankings

I am the commissioner of a 12-team, 6 keeper league entering our 10th season. I have recently started doing consensus power rankings with about half of the owners in the league. I am looking for someone that can give monthly power rankings during the off-season that is independent of the league and could give a more neutral opinion. I can provide team rosters as well as recent team records to help create rankings. If you are interested, reply with your email, and I can send the rosters and related info needed.

So all you really want is for someone to take a look at the teams and rank them monthly? You don’t want any analysis or anything? If that’s all you want I think it might be fun!

Yeah, don’t need you to write out reasoning or anything, I’ll just send you the rosters and some related information, all you have to do is send me a list of the teams ranked 1-12. If you are interested, just reply with your email, and I can send you the rosters, etc

Cool, will do buddy

For anyone else that’s interested, I’m fine with having as many people as possible do these rankings, so just reply with your email and I can send information with rosters