Looking to open a trade (I really want AJ BROWN)-need advice

Looking to make a trade work.

My trade recipient has AJ Brown and I want to trade Kenny Golladay. They really need a RB and Im stacked ( Zeek Elliot, Gibson, Kareem hunt, malcom brown, mattison, ronald jones)

If I threw in ronald jones and offered to ask for Courtland sutton (their team really isn’t that good so best I could get unless I asked for Michael Thomas or Awesome Eckler), is this a bad trade?

I just want to get AJ really bad. also my other WRs;( DJ moore, Scary terry, DJ chark, Deshawn Jackson,)

You aren’t stacked at RB man… You have 1 RB1 and a bunch of rb3s.

Agreed 100%, you’re really weak at RB. You should consider upgrading those RB’s with Golladay instead. You have very good receivers with Moore, F1 and Chark.

If you really want Brown because you have a feeling though, maybe simply consider a 1 for 1 trade with Moore or F1.

Alright you guys convinced me. Not worthy to get rid of kenny when I can try to swing an RB for him

What about offering a new person same Kenny G and Ronald McDonald


Stefon Diggs and Mostert