Looking to start 10 Team .5 PPR Redraft FREE

Hello Footclan!
4 year fantasy vet looking to find a fun and competitive league with other active owners. would have league ESPN.com, 6 point QBs, 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 2flex 1def 1 K.

Email me at Cbrannick118@gmail.com or replay below If interested!

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There’s still 6 spots left! Feel free to drop a reply below or email cbrannick118@gmail.com for more info

Ok I’m in! josiahdm@gmail.com

I want in! kneeland.ashlin@gmail.com

I’m in if there are still openings. harold.p.kimmel@gmail.com


This league is full, thanks for all the responses! Happy fantasy season to all