Looking to start a 10-12 team 1 PPR Dynasty league!

I am brand new to dynasty but have been around fanstasy football for the past decade.

Im looking for fully committed individuals who wont quit when things get tough.

Id like to have a $100 buy-in minimum, as the comptetion will be much higher but im open to really whaever the consesus is.

If and when the league gets filled, the rules will more than lilely be determined by a group vote.

I want a fair league where everyone feels heard and everyone gets a fair shake.

As a first year dynasty commish, i knowni have a ton to learn but id be happy to have some vets join that can help make this league a fun and dedicated league for years to come!

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Have you gotten any traction on this? I’d be interested, sleeper ID jks1624

I’d be interested @logan1black

I’m interested, sleeper is superceltic24

Is this a 1qb league or superflex? My brother and I are looking for a Dynasty superflex startup that has 2 open spots

Interested in this!

Sleeper: kobylarson

Sorry to all for the late repsonse, i wasnt getting notified about the replies!
Seeing that theres seceral people intersted, add me on sleeper and we can get the ball rolling!

Sleeper: SneakyHebrew

To be transparent, im new to the commish gig but im ready to take it on and run an awesome league for yall.
I dont know how to set up leaguesafe just yet so thats the only thing i really need to doso if anyone of you are familiar pleas emessage me on sleeper.

As far as roster size, construction, etc… im pretty open to a league vote on a good portion of the set up. The rest we can discuss when we get filled up.

Im interested. Sleeper account name Forthebelt12

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I’m Interested! Sleeper: nick1patriots

Will drop you a note on Sleeper, or feel free to message me: @Dave2129
I may be interested depending on the roster spots and settings.