Looking to Start a beginner Dynasty league

Been playing Fantasy football for 10 years and never tried Dynasty and most leagues here are full. So why not start one. So I’m in search for 10 men or woman who are interested in a beginner league. also looking for a co commissioner who can help guide me through running it. Entry fee will be $50. 1st place will win $300. 2nd will win $150 and third will get their money back.


Interested. Will it be on Sleeper?

Interested as well

I am interested as well and would be happy to be a co-commissioner. I have about 7yrs commissioner experience.


Ok gentlemen please add me to sleeper. I’m
Thinking it will be on sleeper . Sulhamster

Please add me and we can discuss how we will move forward thanks sulhamster I’m sleeper

Just added you.


hit me up on sleeper user: jhorn

Add me sulhamster

Add sulhamster on sleeper

I’m interested in joining. What’s the best way to reach out to you?



Im interested in trying out Dynasty and the league!

Sleeper username is: Jniz73

interested! Sleeper name is kmiller925

Sleeper name is


id be interested

If you need people, I would like to do it as well.

If there’s still room I’m interested. Sleeper ID Brandenjt

If there is still room I’m grrouchie on sleeper.
Let me know.

I’m interested in joining a start-up dynasty league. Email me at ncolacchio304@gmail.com