Looking to start a beginners Dynasty league

Hey guys looking to start a beginners dynasty league 8-10 teams. It would be a free league on ESPN PPR with standard roster. I’m in Atlanta Ga would be cool if most of us was from the same area, but not a requirement.

Let me know if you want to do this.

I’d be interested! New to dynasty this year. But I live in Ohio… if that’s not a big deal :rofl:

We have a start up Dynasty league if you all want to join.
12 Team league on FleaFlicker
Check out the settings and hit me up if you all are interested.

Yeah I will join!

Send me your email address

Hit me up with your email address.

I just sent you a message

Still looking for members?

Hello are you still looking for an additional manager?

If there is still a spot I would love to claim it!

Looking for one member, Email Draft starts today at 3 pm.