Looking to start or join a new dynasty league

Hey everyone, long time lover of the fantasy footballers and fantasy football in general looking to join or start a dynasty league. As with the league of record for the guys on the show, I’m looking more for the fun than the money, as such I don’t care if it’s a free to play league or if we have a small entry fee like $20. Though I have lots of experience with seasonal fantasy and even some with keeper leagues, I’m new to dynasty. Any one interested in learning with me? Probably want 10-12 teams. Thanks!


I just created a topic identical to this one lol. Would love to get in on starting up a new dynasty league with you. I’m also a huge fan of the show and love fantasy football.

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I am in the same boat. Count me in if you want to start something. I was also looking for the “fun” aspect over the money. I would play free then see who is interested or sticks around for season 2. I may be interested in a small buy in if the league has trouble filling.

I just posted as well. I’ve created the league and all the scoring formats. If you guys want in, send me your emails.


I’d love to do a dynasty league! Long time redraft and keeper player. Excited to try something new!

I am also interested. I have been really curious with dynasty and am willing to do it for free or a buy in. Let me know if this is still wanting to be started! Been in redraft for several years.

I’d love to be a part of this if there is still anything available. HMU at wadams6@leomail.tamuc.edu

i would also like to join. thmpr24@aol.com

Potentially interested. What scoring format are you thinking?

League is full, guys. Thank you for the interest though!

Abs that league filled up fast, I’m starting one. It will be .5 ppr otherwise mostly standard scoring. I’m thinking 10 teams and I’ll follow the podcast for bench composition. We can vote whether we want kickers and Defenses. Message me your email if you didn’t get into the other league and want in this one. We’ll do free this year as we learn how to play and can vote on if we want to make it paid in the future


I’m down darin.moore.86@gmail.com

Sent invites to everyone who emailed, still have a few open spots

YO throw me in a league for dynasty I’m super down!
Very knowledgeable about fantasy!

Super interested in dynasty. Never done a league before. Long time redraft/keeper player. Sean.edmonds89@gmail.com

I’m coming late to this party, but if there are any more open slots I’d love to play. I’ve been playing Redraft/kKeeper for years, but never tried Dynasty. I’m a lover of Andy, Mike, Jason, Big Trades, and Joyful Competition. Contact jordanryanreeves@gmail.com


If any of you guys didn’t get in, starting a league over here. Come check it out.


Hey all, this a big thread. We were having issues with people joining and leaving for a variety of reasons. I ended up deleting the league because it was not staying full. If someone else wants to start it back up and give it a go at Being the commissioner looks like there are a lot of people interested

I also am very interested in joining a dynasty league it’s the main reason I joined this website. If there is still room email at daledogg7@yahoo.com

I want in regardless of buy In fees; my regular league Is doing draft kings this year, but I still want a long term money league that’s active and I’ve been wanting I try out dynasty. Echancecochran@yahoo.com