Looking to target 1

Full PPR, Diggs or Hilton rest of season… ive got a winning record

or Keenan Allen

I like Keenan Allen. He has guaranteed targets each week. Minnesota and Indy are hard to trust depending on how is QB each week. Diggs and Hilton have higher upside, but Allen has a very safe floor.


so im thinking of offering Pryor and Buck allen since this other team is 0-6 and kinda weak in RB. probably gonna ask for keenan and marlon mack for Pryor and Buck. thoughts?

I think you’re lucky if you pull Allen with that but worth a shot and if you manage it it would be a good deal for you…Pryor has been unstartable…the potential is there but he definitely hasn’t shown up…(he’s on two of my teams lol) and buck’s on a downswing right now so you’re basically selling low on two players…

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Bucks numbers and usage are going for him but its his (lack-of) name that turns people, in my league, away… and yes I believe he is in a down swing for this and last game, which is why im trying to move him. I can always try to offer Demaryius or crabtree??

I would hold on both Demaryius and Crabtree. Crabtree is a WR1 this year so far and Demaryius is extremely consistent and is also guaranteed about 8-10 targets a game since Simeon only likes to throw to a few people. I highly doubt you pull off your trade listed above since Pryor has basically been forgotten about this year and Allen is in a timeshare role.

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Oh I agree completely there’s value there still with buck (don’t forget that woodhead is back around week 11 though and Collins is taking his between the tackle carries) I just don’t think you’re going to get that value in return because of the downswing and the tough next few matchups but by all means if you can do! I personally think DT or Crabtree are way too much to give up right now though for Diggs (still injured so we don’t know what or when he will be) or Hilton (don’t know if/when Luck is back…I’d do either for Keenan allen if you’re talking straight up but I don’t know if they’d bite on that

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