Looking to trade depth for a stud

I am looking to group together
Tyreek Hill
Alvin Kamara
Danny Amendola
Devin Funchess
Marshawn Lynch

I would like to group two or three of these guys into a top running back. Any suggestions who to go after?

The league is 1/2 ppr

Yea wouldn’t we all. That’s what every fantasy player should be trying to do. The only way you will be able to do that for an RB1 is if that team really stinks and only have a few good players (like an RB1), or if they are an idiot. Go to the worst team with an RB and offer Kamara/Tyreek Hill/Funchess for Melvin Gordon or someone of that ilk. See if they bite. What you might end up having to do it trade a better RB, like if you have Lamar Miller, packaged with Hill to get a top RB. That’s alot more likely.