Looking to trade for Bell

Hey footballers, any advice for a good trade I can offer that won’t kill my roster but he might accept? This is a 10-man standard league.

I’m Muchos Cervezas.

This is his team:

Any advice helps in putting a package together.

How the F is your team so frekin stacked. Same with his TBH. You guys drafting against a bunch of rats or something? I don’t get it. I’m jealous, I wish I could afford to have Brandin Cooks on my bench.

How high is he on Cooks? I find cooks to be extremely undervalued. If he’s willing to part with Cooks, you could take AJ Green + Mike Evans for Bell and Cooks. You drop Cooks into your WR2, honestly don’t lose that much from AJ green to him. I think Cooks is a WR1 by seasons end pretty easily. And then you can just flex Michel.

Otherwise, just try and offer Evans or Green for Bell straight up.

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