Looking to Trade for Mixon

Would I be giving up too much to get Mixon if I trade Godwin and Gibson for Mixon? 6 man full PPR

A little overpay but not much if you are the one initiating the deal.

If you haven’t offered it yet, try to get a WR or secondary piece in the deal first. Then you can always ‘settle’ for this deal if you are really into Mixon. (I like him too)

@Frankee13 I’m just trying to get more RB depth because I have a lot of WR depth. If you want to see my team, I can include it in a different reply. I have also been in talks to acquire James Robinson, but idk who I’d rather have ROS. Would you rather take Mixon or Robinson ROS?

@Frankee13 This is his team:

This is my team:

@Frankee13 What do you think about this offer:

I trade:
Chris Godwin and Antonio Gibson

I receive:
Adam Thielen and Joe Mixon


I would start with Thielen first. Or Ridley and Gibson for Mixon.

Crazy good players on both sides but that’s a 6 team league…

@Frankee13 I had a lot to unpack there, so sorry for that ahaha. Would you rather have James Robinson or Mixon ROS?

For me, it’s Mixon. JRob is part of Jax and they will be behind a lot more than Cincy.