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Looking to trade for zeke, too much?


my year is done sadly. i am in a 12 team salary cap keeper league we get more points for big plays all tds 6 pts.

i am trying to get zeke from his owner who is 4-1. i am 1-3-1. i talked to him an this is the offer i was given. i would be giving up mccoy and brown. i am looking at next year. our draft order is based off playoff record. we play top half for the title bottom half for draft order. keep forever based off of salary of previous year’s performance


10/12/17 06:52 pm ET Rockhampton Ribeyes
Ezekiel Elliott RB | DAL
Mike Wallace WR | BAL
DeSean Jackson WR | TB

Greenville Dark Angels
Antonio Brown WR | PIT
LeSean McCoy RB | BUF
COMMENTS: Swap 2 and 3 round picks
salaries match up well for both of us but i feel like i am giving up a ton for 1 keeper.
your thoughts. any good advice would be welcome.

thanks in advance


I wouldn’t do it. AB is more valuable than Zeke at the moment. Although he has yet to play like it, McCoy is better than Jackson and Wallace. All things being equal, you are giving up two first rounders for one and you have the most valuable player in the bunch, that being AB.


i am looking forward to next year when both McCoy and Brown will be 30 and zeke will be 23. we have a long term keeper league and the salaries are based on the previous year’s performance. I know how Valuable those 2 guys are.i am also worried about Big Ben going forward. i am just trying to gain in site from others to confirm my thoughts. Thank you for your help.