Looking to trade Ridley + Ebron

Their values couldn’t get any higher, looking for RB depth or a major WR upgrade. As a Gronk owner, I’m keeping him no matter what. I found a team with TE need, they lost engram and are using Uzomah. Who would you target from this list:

A. Brown, McCaffrey (both out of reach, but just listed)
Stefon Diggs
Brandin Cooks
Sammy Watkins
Tyler Boyd
Aaron Jones
TJ Yeldon
Carlos Hyde

i bet you could get diggs or cooks out of that.

Thanks for the reply!! Just sent him the trade for diggs, lets see if I get a bite.

Also tried ridley+ebron for juju to another team.

Last team with a TE, who would you target here for the same?

Keenan Allen
Melvin Gordon
Philip Lindsay
Royce Freeman
James White
Dion Lewis

Why not think about trading Gronk and Ridley for one of those top two? Ebron has been really good and Doyle is still out. Plus Luck has been throwing 50+ passes a game and I doubt that stops anytime soon with how bad the Colts are. I’m sure Ebron will keep a solid role in the offense based off of how good he’s been.

Otherwise, definitely Cooks or Diggs.

New England has so many weapons now and they’ll only keep incorporating Gordon. I don’t think Gronk will be as dominant as years past. Plus injury history.

Good thoughts I’ll also think about the gronk status

It wouldn’t hurt if you could get AB or McCaffrey

kennan allen would be a good choice here

if you are able to get diggs or cooks thats a great deal for you. I kind of doubt he would accept that though tbh