Looking to Upgrade at WR with Dak/Watson

Hey guys, I’m in a 14 team league and have struggled to move either Dak or Watson surprisingly. Been getting some garbage trades (Hogan and Mariota for Watson)…seems like some of them are fine starting Big Ben and Phillip Rivers…

My WRs: Hill, Diggs, Fitz, Doctson

Anyways, I was finally talking with the Rivers owner who has AJ. I initially offered Dak and Fitz but now he asked for Dak and Tyreek for AJ. I know AJ has that sexy name appeal, but Tyreek is ranked 5th and I like what he’s done. What are your guys’ thoughts? Seems like no one else will give me good enough value in a trade.

I was in a similar situation where I wanted AJ giving him Cousins and Fitzgerald, he refused too. Try to find a team that needs a good QB, you have good value there, and get a good WR.

We’re in the same situation bro, I’m going to the playoffs only with Watson and trying to tarde Cousins and another player for something good, you have better value with Dak, go for it.

Thanks man. Surprisingly no one is listening in a 14 team league. The Rivers owner thinks that I’m “stuck” with two starting caliber QBs so they’re all trying to lowball me…it’s frustrating.

He’s literally playing QBs off the waivers, so I know he wants Dak. He wants Tyreek and Dak for AJ. I’m hesitant, but Tyreek does have his bye next week which helps me.

Well, that’s the art of negotiation, I would suggest you to wait in that case, you have good depth and you’re right, the bye week gives you advantage.

Don’t rush, be patient, you will get a good trade if you wait for the right moment. Wish you success mate!

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