Looking to Upgrade at WR

In a Standard League my RB’s are Bell, Cook, D. Freeman, Hyde, Michel, Jamaal Williams and Alf Morris while my WR’s are DTom, Gordon, Goodwin and Watkins. Looking to trade Freeman for a Top 12 WR, I was thinking Thielen, Diggs or Hilton. whats do you guys think and what do you think some other possible trades could be. Thanks

I’d need something else to trade Freeman for any of those. Diggs is the closest.

Freeman and Watkins for Hilton and Lynch?

Diggs and lynch and I’m there

the Hilton owner doesn’t have Diggs, he has Keenan Allen but id have to give up more for him

Ah, I see. It’s not an ok trade as is. Just not one I’m overly excited about, especially is you’re able to start 3 RBs.

Could try and offer him Freeman and DTom for Allen and Lynch

2RB 3 WRleague with no flex. thats why I’m trying to trade freeman for a WR. sorry I didn’t clarify

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This I would do

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