Looking to upgrade QB

I’m doing pretty hot in my league so I’m prematurely eying the championship. :crazy_face:

I just received this trade offer, Mariotas been lackluster so I’ve been looking to upgrade.

Am I paying too much for a QB?
I don’t see myself ever playing the guys I’m sending off so it seems great to me.

RBs: Demarco Murray, Abdullah
WR: Shepard
QB: Dak
WR: Amendola

Current Team:
QB: Taylor, Mariota
RB: Fournette, Hunt, Martin, the 2 trade prospers
WR: J. Jones, Green, Diggs, Agholor, Shepard

I think this deal works for your team… maybe offer it to the Brady owner?

I believe you’re giving way too much. I think you’re fine, but in my opinion you’ll hurt you’re chances giving up those guys for a QB, even for a Watson, or anyone for that matter. Mariota will be fine, and Taylor has such an easy schedule.

You know if you wanted to, it seems you have great RB depth, and could package for another WR1, since J.Jones is not doing much this year fantasy wise. (Not his fault obviously.)