Looks to be interest in starting a dynasty league. Sign up inside (CLOSED)

I’ve been a commissioner of a keeper league for 10+ years and recently been in two dynasty leagues.

All rules are subject to change and people that have been in dynasty leagues are more than welcome to give advice or opinions on how it should be run.

  1. 12 team
  2. Full PPR
  3. 27-30 Roster
  4. $40 money league($60 due at league start… So your paying 1/2 year advance to kind of assure you come back. The second year you will only owe $20 if you come back.) (money will be held by league safe or some other agreed way so everyone is comfortable)
  5. Rookie draft after NFL draft

-starting lineup will be decided by majority
-would consider dropping team DST for a IDP slot of two.

A full sheet of rules would be typed up and sent out once everyone is official.

So if your interested please comment below and also Message me… Once we get everyone we will all talk through email and finalize rules.

  1. me
  2. @Kn72490
  3. @footballstan
  4. @iloveu3
  5. @Bucky_Diamond
  6. @whoDat1904
  7. @gerhig4
  8. @Nmahlman
  9. @StinkyHam
  10. @DaPaz
    11 @ScottLarner
    12…(BRB_3) - can’t tag more than 10 plp in a single post

I’m interested! Shoot me an email. Kevinnolann@gmail.com

I’m interested! I’ll message you my email.


what site, I’m in regardless…looking for four more dynasty leagues

Has not been 100% decided… I’ll let you know once we have a full 12

Ok I’m in regardless so please notify me when it’s set up

I’m interested zeusversusjupiter@gmail.com

I’d be interested. If you did IDP, how many starters are we talking? I’ve done a league where they start only 2-3 and it’s worthless


Prob 6.

2 DL
2 LB
2 DB

But honestly might just stick to team def… As I’ve done IDP in redraft leagues but never dynasty… It might be too much to keep track of in this format

I’m interested. gerhig4@gmail.com

I’m interested nathan.mahlman@gmail.com

Interested as long as there are no kickers and no IDP. flippybrb@gmail.com

I’m in, with out without IDP, whatever the group wants. talbert.bell@yahoo.com

Whats going on! Im down. My email is rsullievan@gmail.com

I’m down, preferably with no IDP (not a strong preference either way)

Would love to join if you still have openings. scottlarner8@gmail.com

Very much would like to join if you somehow still have any openings!

Need an email to make it official @Islandboy09

I know another good guy to get. He should be making an account on here soon. Email is jpurpura30@gmail.com if we can get him that last spot.