Lopsided CMC trade

Can I get your opinion? I reached out to the CMC owner in our Megalabowl league, who is 1-6 on the season, to gauge his interest in trading CMC to me. I’m 5-2 and in 3rd place currently. I have Dalvin Cook, Michael Thomas, Calvin Ridley, Travis Kelce & Robert Woods amongst others. I drafted well and made a couple of other trades to get here. All I did was send a message that I was interested in CMC and told the owner all players are open for discussion as a package deal. He sent back to me, Mike Davis and CMC for Woods, Latavius Murray and Josh Kelley. He’s facing bye weeks issues and needed a WR and RB depth. I pulled the trigger on the trade. Now, my league mates are in an uproar because of it. Saying there’s collusion and an unfair competitive advantage. I just happened to take a blind shot in the dark and it just so happened to work itself out for me. Am I the bad guy in this situation? Or was I just lucky to be the right guy in the right place at the right time? Your thoughts?

I say that sounds like a bunch of bitter people.