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Lopsided trade


I’m the commish in a league and we just had a seriously lopsided trade.
Bilal Powell and Jeremy Maclin for Jonathan Stewart and TY Hilton
Some league members want me to reverse the trade but there was no collusion, just some good old trade rape. What are everyone’s h
Thoughts? Too lopsided? Should I reverse it?


Wow that’s bad.

That being said, if there isn’t a worry of collusion, you have to let it go through. I wouln’t invite that owner back lol


I don’t see anything wrong here. Yes it is lopsided but it may be what the owner wants to do. He may be freaking out about TY Hilton not being a WR1 right now. He may just want points that Jermey Maclin is going to give him. You don’t know what the owner is looking for, and with no obvious sign of collusion you shouldn’t do anything. Also @migjim stated you should not ask the owner back seems a little harsh for making a bad trade. #footclan-community


Stu are you not familiar with the online acronym “lol”? Cmon man, issa joke.


Really not that lopsided. Clear winner but.