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Lopsided trade?


I’m curious what the foot clan thinks of this trade that just happened in my main league.
Pierre garçon for James white.
The garçon side got the better deal right? I can’t imagine James white being terribly valuable in a offense where his only real role is the pass catching back, and even that can be filled in by the other backs. Maybe I’m just salty cause I wanted garçon.


Keeper league?


Did you watch the Super Bowl? Nobody can say what Belicheck will do with his RBs. They all have something to bring and we know that White is a really good football player.


Trades shouldn’t be judged lopsided vs not. Everyone has different value depending on your situation.


I wouldn’t want to start either of those players unless everyone else on my roster was hurt or on bye


I would be fine with Garçon as a WR3 or flex.


nothing wrong with this. for someone out there, the james white guy won the SHIT out of that. for me, the garcon guy just molested the guy he got garcon from. but there are arguments for and against both sides.