Lose keeper before draft?

Just wondering how your leagues handle this situation. I’d listed McKinnon as a 7th round keeper and now that he’s lost, I’m forced to use that pick for a dead player. Draft isn’t until Monday night. Do any of your leagues allow you to drop the keeper (not replace them with another)?

My keeper league doesn’t lock in keepers until the draft for this exact reason.

I think you lobby your league to see if they will let you out of the pick. If I was in your league I would let you, but maybe you’re in a league full of assholes.

I would contact some our your league mates and see if they are cool with it. I would be cool with it.

What we do is set a keeper date . We submit our keepers by the date . (Generally one week before the draft) that way people can strategize for the draft. The kicker is you can drop any keeper up to the draft time but you can not add one to replace them.